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How it works

Upload your audio and album cover and create a visualisation for your song. Play around with all the different settings to customize your visualisation. Enable full screen in your browser and record your screen to save the visualisation. You can create an account to save your own presets and load them later. Make sure to look at the keyboard shortcuts to get the most out of the application.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use these keyboard shortcuts to use the application.

Press 1 on the keyboard to start the visualisation. Some setting should be set before starting the visualisation so if something doesn't work, try to set it before starting.

Press 2 on the keyboard to show and hide the top menu.

Press 3 on the keyboard to show and hide the bottom menu.

Press 4 on the keyboard to show more options. These option give you more customization for your visualisation.

Press 5 on the keyboard to show or hide the cursor.


Email for contact or feedback: johan96johansson@gmail.com

1: Play

2: Toggle Top Toolbar

3: Toggle Bottom Toolbar

4: Advanced Options

5: Hide Cursor

Log in to save your own presets

Log in / Create account





Set band width before pressing play

Set frequency range before pressing play.
This setting is useful if your equaliser doesn't look centered. Raise the value to remove high frequencies and balance the EQ.